About TradeGig

TradeGig is based in San Francisco, California.
TradeGig offers innovative ways to help you monetize your skills or get serviced by others to meet your one-time or common needs.

Alex Chan
Sheryl Lee
Fabio Cantoni
Heber Uriegas
Mounir Elogbani

Our awesome mentors

Greg Jorgensen

About Us

We founded TradeGig in 2012, and released our first version of the TradeGig platform in November of 2012.

Our entire TradeGig team is passionate about building unique tools that help you, consumers and businesses alike, receive or deliver amazing services to become more productive. TradeGig’s online marketplace emphasizes social networking, and web-based self-services to help you manage each buying and selling with total confidence.

TradeGig is defined by our commitment to listen to you and meet your needs, while providing an unparalleled user experience in the process. All of our team members bring creativity, insight, and innovation to their responsibilities in order to build a loyal and satisfied user base. We have high expectations for each other and work as an united front to develop a platform that is tailored to your needs. This mindset, along with our execution, has formed TradeGig’s diverse team of some of the best and brightest in their respective industries, spanning across four (4) different continents and seven (7) time zones.

Our Mission

Our core vision is that TradeGig will thrive in individual markets and focus on a tightly defined niche audience to maximize our personal attention to you and local users.

For consumers, our social mission is to provide a means of generating financial support and personal fulfillment for individuals and families. It is also our primary vision to establish an active online marketplace where users can conveniently offer volunteer services to non-profit and charitable organizations such as food banks, blood banks, senior centers, animal shelters, and social welfare organizations.

For businesses, our commercial objective is to design platform tools to help facilitate buying and selling between businesses and consumers in an effort to turn downtime into uptime, unused stock into promising returns, and no-shows, late-cancels and unfilled appointment slots into profitable opportunities.

These are our commitments, and we are honored to serve you in ways that other businesses have not.